Planning & Consultation

At this stage we discuss the goals, content and design of your project. We also clarify what content will be needed to begin the project, such as logos, marketing materials, textual copy, images, etc.

It is helpful to provide URLs of websites that you like and of your competitors so that I can get a sense your design needs.

We can communicate in person, by telephone or via email.

Design & Development

Once I have received all needed materials, I will provide 1-3 comprehensive designs. These are Illustrator drawings of possible website designs. Our discussion of the comprehensive designs will guide me into the next stage, the actual creation of your website.

Final Touches

We will review your site and make any final adjustments as needed.


My rates are by the hour, but I often offer a proposal/bid based on the time I think it will take me to complete the project. Within in the bid, payment options will be agreed upon. Minor changes often do not add to the cost of work, but I will keep you well informed.

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